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What do you see when you look at this image? I see my family.

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Utang Na Loob

Sometimes the person who helps you might need a little help, too. Remember them when you get back on your feet again.  As I like to say, take care of … Continue reading

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“Kintsukuroi” (Japanese)

What if we embraced our imperfections, instead of hiding or being ashamed of them?  Without compassion for oneself, it’s difficult to give to others.  #SelfCare is #Filamthropy (Image credit: Unknown)

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Lead Off Questions for “Filamthropy”

Originally posted on filamthropy:
As I begin this endeavor of writing and, hopefully, engaging others in a thoughtful conversation on Filipinos and philanthropy, I am considering certain questions to shape…

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What Breaks Your Heart? On Clarifying My Interests (Part II) and Setting SMART Goals.

This HBR blog post on the Gumption Studios Facebook page gave me one of the strongest moments of clarity I’ve had throughout this whole job search process. It renewed my … Continue reading

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There Are San Francisco Streets Named After Philippine Heroes.

There are streets in the heart of San Francisco, California, named Bonifacio, Rizal, and Lapu Lapu.

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All Talk About Job Creation

“But P-Noy must convince organized labor and the rich social elite that control local capital to join him in a concerted drive to create those jobs. Speeches on Labor Day … Continue reading

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3 of 10 Filipinos Live Below Poverty Line

Poverty incidence in the country practically remained unchanged with almost three out of 10 FIlipinos living below the poverty line in the first half of 2012, the National Statistical Coordinating … Continue reading

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Carlos Bulosan

“Before the brave, before the proud builders and workers, I say I want the wide American earth For all the free. I want the wide American earth for my people. … Continue reading

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A #1 Ranking Not to Strive For

In 2012, The Philippines led the entire world in terms of deaths by natural disaster. What can done to improve disaster preparedness, rescue operations, and survivorship in the country?

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