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Asian Diaspora Philanthropy

Asian Diaspora Philanthropy Resources (version 1.0)

This page is a consolidated list in response to the question,  “Who would you consider the experts in diaspora philanthropy, particularly Asian diaspora philanthropy?”


Thank you to the following kind folks for their interest, clarifications, and contributions via the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s LinkedIn group for Version 1.0 of this resource: Ann Rosenfield, Katrina Freeburg, Nicole Helwig, Kitty Wojcik, Hamilton Simons-Jones, Lin Cargo, Elizabeth Farris, Lucas Orwig, Linda Akutagawa, Shari Lynn Scales, John Godfrey, and Christopher Baker.

Serving Asian American Communities in North America

American India Foundation

Asian American & Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP)

Asian American Giving

Asian Pacific Community Fund of Los Angeles

Asian Pacific Fund of San Francisco

Filamthropy (on Filipino American philanthropy)

Inclusive Giving Project – Canada

Serving Asian Communities Worldwide

Asia Pacific Centre for Social Investment & Philanthropy

Asian Philanthropy Forum


The Hand Foundation [v1.5]

Synergy Social Ventures – Hong Kong

Published Research

Chao, Jessica. “Asian-American Philanthropy: Expanding Circles of Participation”

Migration Policy Institute (2010) [v1.5]

Sempel, Kirk. “Asian-Americans Gain Influence in Philanthropy” (2013)

Sidel, Mark. University of Wisconsin Law School.

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