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Lead Off Questions for “Filamthropy”

As I begin this endeavor of writing and, hopefully, engaging others in a thoughtful conversation on Filipinos and philanthropy, I am considering certain questions to shape and drive my thinking.  They include:

  1. To whom should I be listening?
  2. What are my own thoughts and observations, in addition to commenting on the the writings of others?  Moreso, with regard to this conversation, what can I offer?
  3. Finally, with regard to making philanthropic impact, what can I really offer in terms of time, treasure, and talent?

Along with my questions, I am considering these possibilities:

  1. Those with decision-making or access to money or labor can be directly connected to those who may know how to employ these assets effectively in addressing social needs and issues.  Connecting real resources with the genuinely resourceful.
  2. Learning from experience and dialogue can be directly applied to timely and decisive actions.  Connecting learning and leadership.
  3. Concern for issues and conversation is insufficient.  I think that the care, concern, and conversation must be translated into capacity-building either for individuals, organizations, or communities.  Connecting concern with capacity-building.

This September, I look forward to attending my first giving circle meeting (Sep 29) for funding Asian American community initiatives and organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In addition, I plan to attend the Philippine Development Forum/Ayala Foundation USA (Sep 25) on strategic North American philanthropy and the Philippines.   These will be significant face-to-face opportunities to learn with others.  After that, we’ll discover what’s next.

What suggestions do you have?  What questions and comments are you bringing to the conversation?  I look forward to hearing from you or seeing you in person later this month!

One comment on “Lead Off Questions for “Filamthropy”

  1. Julius
    November 2, 2013

    Reblogged this on filamthropy and commented:

    Filamthropy began just over three years ago. The landscape of social enterprise in the Philippines and philanthropy across the diaspora has changed significantly since then, but, of course, there still remain challenges. Let’s revisit our very first blog from September 7, 2010.

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