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Your “Filamthropic” Portfolio

I often hear that the contributors in the nonprofit sector, particularly on boards, bring with them either time, talent, or treasure.  They have time to spend through volunteerism.  They have special expertise to share.  Or, they can simply donate money. Yet, often, nonprofit organization leaders or fundraisers focus on the latter.

Now, what if donors chose to focus, instead, on creating a diverse, “filamthropic” portfolio, acknowledging all charitable “donations” of time, talent, and treasure and their different proportions.   Then, what might a person’s filamthropic portfolio look like?

Filamthropic Portfolio for J. De La Cruz (October 2010)

1. Volunteer at local church every Sunday after mass (6 hours)

2. Present a workshop at a local university for Filipino American history conference (4 hours, including driving)

3. Mentor younger cousins and tutor their friends in Algebra every week (8 hours = 2 hr/wk)

4. Contribute $25 check for flood relief in Asia ($25)

5. Take care of self and significant other

TOTAL: 18 hours (donated labor, historical knowledge, math knowledge) + $25

Filamthropic Portfolio for M. Clara (October 2010)

1. Start a scholarship fund for college-bound Pinays (10 hours)

2. Attend Filipino American history month celebration (4 hours, including driving)

3. Accept promotion to VP at work

4. Contribute $150 to Global Fund for Women

5. Take care of self, partner, and kids

TOTAL: 14 hours (outside of work & home for entrepreneurial efforts and donated labor ) + $150

Which contributions of time, treasure, or talent should be included in a “filamthropic” portfolio?

What does your portfolio look like?

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